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This list consists of home remedies and medicinal treatment methods obtained from many goat breeders and owners from all over the world. The list was constructed by Julie of Lil' Goat Farm.
We would like to Thank everyone who contributed to this list, and if anyone has a remedy / medicinal treatment to add to the list that we do not have ~ please see below (bottom of page) for further details to have it posted to the list.
Please Note * The people who contributed to this list are not veterinarians, they are goat breeders, and goat owners who have dealt with these situations with their own goats, and others. No one claims to have a veterinarian degree. This information is from personal experience only.

                 (in Alphabetical Order)

1cc=1ml=10 tenths
g, gm =gram
Cubic centimeter=cc
Teaspoon=tsp, t
Tablespoon=T. tbs
Oral drench= orally
Orally=PO, po
Intramuscularly=IM, im
(in the muscle)
Intravenously=IV, iv
(in the vein)
Subcutaneous=sq, SQ
(under the skin)
Every other day=qod
4 times a day= qid
Three times a day-tid
Two times a day=bid
Needs prescription=RX
Over the counter= OTC
Floppy kid syndrome=FKS
Cup=c, C
Water= h2o
Lactated ringers=LR
Normal saline=NS
Milk of magnesium=MOM
Mineral oil=MO
Apple cider vinegar=ACV



1.Covexin 8-- 4ml sq first dose
2ml sq second dose 6 weeks later
2ml sq third dose 6 months later

You can use the following to help stop or decrease bleeding:

Stop bleed powder
Corn starch
Cob webs
tea bags
Cayenne Pepper (from the grocery store) ~ It works better than blood stop powder. Don't use near the eyes or nose though. It does work in a hurry for bad bleeding.

1C warm water
1/2cup oil
1tsp Epsom salt
1tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp ginger
1 egg yolk
Mix together and give

If you don't have all of these ingredients, then try this :

1. Roll up balls (small enough for the goat to swallow) of baking soda (mixed with a little water to hold the balls together) and feed the goat the baking soda balls.
2. Vegetable Oil - can be given with a syringe orally.

PREVENTION - To prevent your goats of getting bloat - give Free Choice Baking Soda. 

1/3cup water
1/3 cup cooking oil
½ cup antacid
Add some baking soda
Mix and give

Frothy Bloat PREVENTION --
Give Free Choice baking soda

For Kids ...
Use 1 tsp. Pro Bios powder in milk replacer for kids. This provides digestive microbes to avoid chemical reaction in rumen from fresh green material & milk replacers.

Frothy Bloat TREATMENT --
1) Banamine for tummy pain;

2) soft stomach tube 1/2" diameter to remove gas & as much content as possible (really gross, use lavender oil or Mentholatum on your upper lip to prevent YOU from getting sick) Rotate goat's position to reach as much stomach content as possible.

3) using stomach tube still in place, inject 20 cc/20 lbs. body wt of Olive oil mixed w 2 crushed tablets of Phazyme or Gas-X. Also give 5 cc of penicillin orally (be sure to give Pro Bios gel or powder to replace gut enzymes)

4) CarbaLax (looks like Pepto) 20 cc/20 lbs. Caprine supply has it.

5) essential oil of lavender mixed into 1 cup steaming water for inhalation (just keep it near the goat). Calms, relaxes, & aids rest & pain relief.

6) GENTLE massage, not squeezing, keeping rump elevated to aid in passing gas.

Anemia a.k.a. "bottle jaw", is the accumulation of fluid under the lower jaw occur primarily with an infestation of H. contortus.

Treatment ...
First day:
Worm (you can obtain a list of wormers and dosages under "WORMERS")
1cc iron orally to kids
Durasect (prevent lice and kill anything starting)

Second day:
Nuflor antibiotic (prevent pneumonia from not moving too much)
probios for gut (due to antibiotic)
2cc injectable iron IM in the morning (anemia)
2cc in the afternoon
5cc of fortified Vit. B complex SQ (500mg of Thiamin) (to keep Thiamin up and ensure appetite)
2cc of mineral oil (prevent blockage from worm release) orally (don't use vegetable oil as it adds to the digestive load) mixed with 5cc red cell (anemia)
molasses mixed with water orally (anemia)

injectable iron
1. 2cc once a day for 3 days - using molasses and red cell on top of that.
2. 4cc twice a week on kids.


1. SMZ tablets--1 tablet per 20 lbs

2. Albon--25mg/lb first day then ½ day 1 dose on days 2-5

3.Sulmet 12.5%- 1cc/5lbs for day 1
1cc/10lbs on days 2-5 day

4.Amprolium- Mix 3oz/1pint of water----then give
1oz/100lbs qd times 5 days
Then 0.5oz/100lbs qd times 21 days
(11.2-23/lb times 5 days,. Then 2-3 mg/lb times 21 days

5.Sulfaquinoxaline 20%--drench--2ml/50lbs by mouth times 5 day


7.Dimethox-- 25mg/lb first day then ½ day 1 dose on days 2-5.

1.Benadryl-- antihistamine used for coughs and colds.
Over the counter
Dose-- 5cc for kids and 10-20cc for adults.

2.Chloatrimeton-- for colds and coughs.

3.Robitussin(plain)--for coughs and colds.
Dose 3-5cc for newborns - 2wks in age
4-6 tsps for adults.

4.Tavist -D--for colds and coughs

5.Dimetapp--for colds and coughs.

6. VetRX - follow directions on label

1. 1 pint (568mls) goats milk
4oz lime water
11/2tsp corn syrup

2. 3pints goats milk
1pint water
1pkg of sure gel pectin
1 can evaporated goat milk and 1 can water
1 qt pasteurized goats milk
Combine with ½ cup cream. Feed at rate of 1 oz per ½ pound body weight per day divided into 3-4 feedings.


1) Spectam Scour Halt (made for pigs) 2cc once a day for 3-5 days
2)Neomycin, 2cc mixed with 2cc pepto once daily for 5-7 days
you can give ones that have the runs bad extra pepto.

1. 1pkg pectin
1tsp low sodium salt
2tsp baking soda
1can beef consommé
Mix all together and drench

2. Makes 1 gallon.
1C corn syrup
3tsp baking soda
2 tsp regular salt
2 tsp lite salt
2 tsp Epsom salt
1 gallon of water

3. 2T kayro
1/2tsp salt
1/4tsp baking soda
1 quart water

Fluid Replacement
1.LR (lactated ringers)-- 30cc under skin at shoulder for rehydration, can be used several times a day
Needs an RX can be given SQ or IV

2.NS (normal saline)-isotonic--used for fluid replacement. Inject 30cc under skin at shoulders for rehydration , can be used several times a day can be given IV or sq -- Needs an RX

3.Gatoraide or pedialyte--oral fluid replacement. Also used for energy when weak

1.Kitten flea and tick powder--for lice treatment in kids.
Sprinkle from head to tail and rub in.
Dose now and then again in 10days.

2.Safe insecticides for does---should be labeled "approved for use in lactating dairy cattle"

3.Corral and Sevin dust-- can be used on non lactating does..Do not use on kids.
For adults sprinkle on and rub in. Apply second dose 10days later.

4.Mineral oil- for ear mites--also soothes the discomfort.
Place 3-4 drops in the ear canal.

5.Ivomec orally-- will kill sucking lice

6.Listerine--- ear mites and to clean the ear. Helps sooth and burns less than using alcohol

Another "Bug" repellent is Apple Cidar Vinegar - Add 1/4 cup to 5 gallons of thier drinking water


2cups white vinegar
1 cup Avon skin so soft (bath oil)
1 cup water
1 tablespoon eucalyptus oil

An easy do it yourself fly spray that is relatively inexpensive. Does attract dust so don’t use before a show
2cups mineral oil
½ cup lemon juice
2tsp citronella oil
10ml eucalyptus oil
10ml lemon dish detergent
Optional 125ml glycerin
Mix in spray bottle and spray

Horse Insect repellent mix
1oz citronella oil
2oz skin so soft or coat so soft
1 cup cider vinegar
1cup water
Mix in a 20oz spray bottle

Vinegar in drinking water will raise blood acid levels just enough to bother flies and mosquitoes. Takes about a week to start helping.

Easy fly spray
You can mix 7 parts water and one part citronella as a fly spray.
For the worst time of fly season use 4 parts water to one part citronella.

15oz water
5oz commercial fly spray
2oz vinegar
2oz vegetable oil
2 oz green dawn dish soap
Mix and use. Will not harm coat

Fly relief
3cups of water
1/4 cup sugar
¼ cup white vinegar
Mix in a quart jar, punch holes in the lid, and set it where it is needed.

You can fill plastic Ziploc containers with clear water and hang in entrances to deter flies.


Nuflor 3ccs sub Q. 2X/ 48 hr intervals if needed.

Caused by - cold, wet, muddy conditions and crowded barns.
Foot rot is a highly contagious and potentially costly disease that creates financial hardships for goat producers, but is possible to be eradicated.


Itch relief mix:

10 drops lavender
10 drops Roman Chamomile
2 cups cold water

These can be used for both goats and humans. Don't get the mix anywere on near the eyes or mouth, and use sparingly on kids since they rub together alot. Essential oils will burn when put in eyes but these mixes will not irritate the skin.



Wash well with old-fashioned lye soap (won't burn). Treat w/Ivomec or Cydectin pour on if needed. Then, to 1 oz jojoba or apricot kernal oil, add:
3 gel caps Vitamin E oil
2 gel caps Evening Primrose oil
2 gel caps Borage Seed oil
2 gel caps or 20 drops carrot seed oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops geranium " "
10 drops chamomile " "
7 drops tea tree oil
7 drops citronella ess. oil
5 drops pine needle oil
5 drops juniper berry oil
3 drops cypress oil

This is very healing for human skin, too.

Tick Repellent made of essential oils:

3 drops Pine Needle
4 drops Tea Tree
4 drops Lemongrass
2 drops Peppermint
1 oz Mixing Oil

OR if you do not have those, this the recipe does a pretty good job, it also makes the goats smell great...

4 drops Tea Tree
4 drops Lemongrass
2 drops Peppermint
10 drops Lavender
5 drops Eucalyptus
1 oz Mixing Oil


1 part Molasses
1 part Corn oil
2 parts Karo syrup (light)
Store mixture in dark, cool place.

Numerous uses. Goats off feed, dehydration, pregnancy toxemia, stress, kidding difficulties, weak kids. Takes longer to metabolize.

Good to use to get a doe through the night.


2.Peppermint oil ~ Rub on infected udder area. Can be rubbed ALL OVER entire udder. It's also good for circulation and can make them increase their milk production.

3.Heat Packs - to place on the infected udder

To help prevent occurences with Mastitis - keep the goat pen area clean and when milking -keep the udder free of debris and sanitary. Wash the udder before milking and use a teat dip after milking. Mastitis is usually caused by bacteria/germs. So by keeping the area/udder clean - that will help to prevent mastitis.
Mastitis can also be caused by injury.


1.Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)--place in water to help acidify the urine and also will help decrease algae in the container

2.Iodine 7 %- to dip navel cords in . Helps to dry it up. Some folks dip the newborns hooves in it, and also after hoof trimming.

3. Lavender oil- cure all.
You can apply it to itches, wounds, bug bites, etc. and it will help. Great for snake bites, too. Don't get it around the eyes, though, it will burn as all essential oils.
It also helps calm the goat. It may increase milk production from calming the goat/s so they use more energy for making milk than getting excited. Rub it in along their back, on their ears, and even between the toes. Any of those spots works. An essential oils diffuser would work great, too.


NUTRI DRENCH (make it yourself)

1 Cup Molasses
1 Cup Corn Oil (she said it has to be corn oil, nothing else!)
2 Cups Karo Syrup
Children's Liquid Vitamins OR tablet form - crushed up. Dosage (?) according to the label for a small child (?)
The substitute for Goat Nutri Drench is Beef Drench, and it's a lot cheaper than Goat Nutri Drench is. And you can get it in much bigger bottles.


1. Banamine (flumeglumine)- used for fever, smooth muscle relaxant, pain, to stimulate gut.
*Always take temperature prior to giving. If low do NOT give
Needs an RX
Dose--1cc/100lbs (0.1cc/10lbs

2.Dexamethasone (decadron)- used for joint injury, inflammatory injuries, head injuries and shock.
Needs an RX
Dose- inflammatory injuries and joint injuries- ½-1cc/20lbs
Head injuries (after disbudding)- 1-2mg/20lbs
Shock- 1-2mg/20lbs

3.Aspirin (ASA)- used for fever and inflammation.
Dose --0.5gr/lb bid
45mg/lb bid
65mg=1gr---adult ASA = 5gr=325mg

4.Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)--Antihistamine, for minor allergic reactions such as bites, coughs, and nasal decongestant.
Over the counter
Dose---1tsp for young kids
15-20cc for adults.

5.Bute---Antiinflammatory used for pain especially in joints and muscles.
Needs an RX
Dose---4.5-10mg/lb qd

PEDALITE --(make it yourself)
1 Tbs. table salt
1 Tbs. baking soda 1 Tbs. Morton’s light salt 4 oz white Karo syrup
Child's Vitamins (dosage for human child under 2 yrs old)

Used for dehydration. Mix with one gallon water. Mixture will keep 2 weeks in refrigerator. This can be used when kids need to be taken off milk; especially useful for Floppy Kid Syndrome. Can be substituted in place of milk until scours have stopped


1.Powdered charcoal---4-6oz of charcoal for poisonings. Binds with poison to remove from the system. Follow with a laxative. Mix with water or liquid laxative

2.Fish aquarium charcoal-- 4-6 oz for poisonings. Binds with poison to remove form system. Follow with a laxative, mix with water or a liquid laxative

3.Charcoal bricks--*make sure has no flame start product in it----Crush enough to have 4-6 oz for poisonings. Follow with a laxative , mix with water or a liquid laxative.


1. Valbazen (should not be used during the first 45 days of pregnancy)

2.Dexamthazone (should not be used during the first 45 days of pregnancy)

Be CAREFUL when using ANYTHING to induce Labor.


1.Oxytocin (20u/ml)-- to tighten uterus and decrease post delivery bleeding when excessive. Can be used to stimulate milk let down if used in very small amounts. causes contractions and helps stimulate passing of afterbirth.
Needs an RX
10-20u IM

2.Lutalyse--can be used to bring into standing heat, induce labor, and abort
Needs an RX
Dose--½-1,l to bring into standing heat
5-10mg ((1-2cc) to abort
½-2ml to induce laborUC FORMULA
3 lemons and squeeze the juice out....and save, dice 1/2 purple
onion, 6 pieces of garlic clove diced up, 1/2 cup of distilled
water. Mix all of this together and simmer for 20 minutes. Place
into a blender when cooled and blend real good. Give one cup of this
every 12 hours for 3 days

¼ cup cooking oil
½ strong cold tea (6-8 tea bags)
1tsp ground ginger
1tsp baking soda
Mix it all together and drench
15ml renec
15ml Mylanta
5ml brandy
Mix and give this is an adult dose.


1 bottle 50% Dextrose
20 cc B complex
5 cc B 12
2 cc 500mg/ml Thiamin

This will make a little more than 500 cc of Revive. 50% Dextrose is very concentrated sugar and is metabolized instantly. Store in cool dark place.

Revive for Pregnant Does

500 ML bottle of 50% Dextrose
500 ML bottle amino acid solution (if concentrate use only 50cc)
200 ML Calcium Gluconate
20 ML B complex
2 Grams Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)
5 ML B12 (3,000mcg/ml)
5 ML 500mg/ml Thiamin


1. Scarlex - Scarlex is a wound spray and it an anti-fungal treatment as well. It works REALLY WELL for getting rid of ring worm. It works FAST ! Just spray the area that's infected with the ringworm every day until it's healed.

2. Anti-Fungal Horse Shampoo - just bath your goat in this shampoo as directed on bottle directions.

3.Anti-Fungal Ointment. Apply as directed on container.


SCAB/MANGE treatment

1.Sheep Dip

2.An internal parasite medicine and followed up on two consecutive days with Benzyl Benzoate as a topical application. The latter application has a sickly sweet smell which wears off after a few days.

1.Blackberry Leaves--cures scours almost instantly
~Just walk your goats up to the bushes and let them nibble.
Rose hips are also a really good source of Vitamin C.

2.Ipecacuanha #30--a homeopathic cure--3 pills 2X day

3.Spectam Scour Halt (normally used for Swine) - follow directions on label

4.Birch Leaves--a natural cure for phenobarbitol--found in press board etc.If you have a goat that is weak or won't eat, try this:

1/2 milk replacer powder
1 Tblsp Pro Bios powder
1/2 C alfalfa pellets
1/4 C crushed 20% protein pellet or range cube
1/4 C flax seed
1/2 C oatmeal (Quaker)
1/4 C cornmeal
1 pt fresh/frozen blackberries
water to moisten to thick paste
Makes 1 qt. (Refrigerate)
Combine dry ingredients. Add blackberries (thawed) & water to form balls. Hand feed 1/2 C serving every hour until appetite returns. (Serve room temp, so berries are MOST palatable.)

1. Bose-- given for selenium deficiency
Give k 1cc/40lbs twice a year sq or IM

2.Ese- given for selenium deficiency
Give 1cc/100lbs

3.Muse--given for selenium deficiency
Give 1cc/200lbs
*Please note the dosage per weight on numbers 1. 2, and 3. An overdose will KILL


on Web look up Wing Chun (martial arts). There's a list of ingredients for Dit Da Jow linament. It takes about 6 months to brew before you can use it, better after a year or 10 years, but it works better than Absorbine or most anything else I've tried. After it's brewed, I decant into a 12 oz glass jar and add 20 drops peppermint essential oil, 10 drops Wintergreen oil, and 2 tsp. DMSO (from feed store). This helps penetration, peppermint is anesthetic, wintergreen restores circulation. You cannot overdose with this.

Use it for yourself to. Stops migraines, muscle spasm, bruising, bone pain, etc. Topical antiinflammatory so it won't bother stomach.

1. Banamine-(flumeglumine) used for fever, smooth muscle relaxant, pain reliever and to stimulate the gut.
*Always take temp prior to giving, if temp is low do NOT give.
Needs an RX for
Dose-1cc/100lbs (0.1cc/10lbs)
½ cc/25-30lbs

2.Pepto Bismol- for scours
Dose-2cc every 4-6 hours for newborns
5cc for older goats
Give with probios

3. Spectrum scour halt- follow directions on label. Follow with probios
Dose for scours-1cc/10lbs

4.Oral ruminant gel(probios, fast track)- Give after antibiotic therapy, treatment for diarrhea and gut related problems-----helps replace the normal flora of the gut.
Follow the instructions on the package.

5. MOM (milk of magnesium)-for constipation, impactions, toxic reactions including poisoning and FKS (floppy kid syndrome).
Dose - oral drench 15cc/60lbs

6.Mineral oil- give for constipation, impactions, toxic reactions including poisoning and FKS.
Dose - oral drench 1oz/30lbs
*Caution has no taste---can flavor to decrease the chance of getting into the lungs.
Can also be used for ear mites by placing 2-4 drops in ear canal.

7. Cooking oil-can be used in place of mineral oil.
8. Gas X, phazyme (or generic brands)- used for bloat
Dose --1-2 caps (puncture cap with a needle and squirt medicine out ) give every 2-4 hours.

9.Tagamet- Used for gut related pain and problems. Helps sooth.
Dose- ½ tablet of 200mg tablet. Give 1 a day for 3-5 days.

10. Plain yogurt- to help replace the normal flora in the rumen after rumen problems like bloat and after giving antibiotics.
Dose--give about ¼ cup 2-3 times a day for 3-5 days.

11. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)- for regular rumen care. Leave out free choice. For emergency treatment for bloat.
Give 1 T in 30cc water and drench.

12.Ginger- To sooth stomach and intestines.

13.Slippery elm--stops diarrhea and coats the stomach and intestines.

14. Beer (dark malt is better)- for bloat give one can.


1.Thiamine--treats listeria and polio
Needs an RX
Dose--500mg IM first dose, first day
250mg second dose , first day
For listeria--4.5cc/lb TID

2.Vitamin B12--for anemia , stress, appetite stimulant
Needs an RX
Dose--1cc/100lbs qod time 3 doses
(1000-2000mcq sq for adults)

3.Redcell- is a vitamin /iron supplement.
*there is 2 kinds, one made from animal byproducts and one from vegetables
Can buy over the counter
Dose 3ccqd time 1 weeks orally

4.Vitamin B complex--for debilitated animal, those with enteritis, those which will not eat. It helps to soothe the intestinal linings, and stimulates the appetite.
Can buy over the counter
Dose --5-6ccsq for adults

5.Vitamin E-- 300iu/kid IM
700iu/doe IM
50mg/kid/day orally

6.Vitamin C--to help acidify the urine
Dose 250mg qd

7.Calcium gluconate 10%(100mg/ml)--use for milk fever, pregnancy toxemia, ketosis.
Must be given IV only….caustic to tissue if given IM or sq.
Give 5-15mg IV over 10mins.

8.Nutri drench--Used for stressed, weak animals
follow instructions on package

9.Geritol---for anemia.
Dose--1T every day for 2-3 days

10.Sweetlix - a loose mineral to feed free choice

11. Fastrack - a WONDERFUL loose mineral/probiotic to add to your goat's daily feed. It works wonders in ALOT of different way ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! To order some - ask me and I can direct you to a sales person.

1.Levamisole (Trimisol, ripercol)- Do NOT give to pregnant does
Give 2 tablets/100lbs (3.5mg/lb) or 1oz/100lbs--5mg/lb

2.Fenbendazole(pancur, safeguard) --administer 7mg/ib--3times horse dose per weight for cestodes
2.5mg/lb for nematodes
Give 6times horse dose for lung worms

3.Mebendazole (telmin)- 10mg/lb
Approximately 2 times the horse dose for weight

4.Pyrantel (strongid)-- 12mg/lb

5.Ivermectin (ivomec)- get injection form but give orally

6.Albendazole (valbazen)--1cc/10lbs orally

7.cydectin--give 1cc/22-25lbs orally

8.Thiabendazote (TBZ)--1oz/100lbs ((3g/100lbs)
Can be used during pregnancy

9.Rumatel--wormer pellets--feed daily at the rate of 0.44g/100lbs--or 25lb sack per 1 ton of feed.

10.Holistic Wormer - From Molly's (on Fias Co Farms), or Hoeggar Supply, or Govero Farms, etc. Instructions ~ doseage according to brand / package label

Safeguard Dosage
Safeguard paste- 25gram paste 10% (100mg/1g) 22cc syringe.
1 syringe worms 1100lbat2.3mg/lb 1cc=50lbs
So 4.6mg/lb=550lbs 1cc=25lbs
So for three times the dose here is some basic conversions

1.Betadine solution---for wounds

2.Iodine (mild) for minor wounds

3.Blue Kote

4.Scarlex Spray

5. Listerine--dilute in water for mouth wounds.

6. Neosporin (or generic)---antibiotic ointment . Used for scraps and small wounds. Apply as you would a human

Medicinal Withdrawl Times for meat & dairy goats.
Here are links to other sites that have details of medications, dosages, illnesses, treatments, holistic treatment, etc.

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Do your own Fecals

If you have a home remedy or medicinal treatment that is not on our list, please email us to have it posted.
OR if you have a link to a good educational website pertaining to home remedies, holistic care, and/or medicinal treatment, please email the link/s to us to have them posted.


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