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The purpose of this site is to assist in the education of the practice of breeding and raising mini dairy goats.
So what would this site be without lots of pictures !
Here you can view our "photo album" which consists of pictures donated to this site by their breeders/owners.
When you scroll your mouse over each picture you will see in text who the breeder/owner is of that particular goat.
If they have a website ~ you can click the picture and it will open their website in a new window for you.

Mini Nubian Buckling
Whispering Pines Farm - Buckling named "Pizzaz"

SIZE COMPARISON - Mini Nubian Buck next to Nubian
Paradise Valley Farm - Hope Bennett

2nd Generation Mini Nubian Buckling
ICE -breeder Susan of W.P. - Owner Julie L.G.F.

If you have mini dairy goat pictures to add to our photo album ~
please send them to :
* Note ~ please choose nice, quality pictures that are clear and not blurry or real far away, etc.
If you want your Farm Name / Website added to your picture/s ~ please provide that information in your email along with your picture/s. 


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